AI happiness is

I think my ‘dot’ sounded happy to have new wee smart plug ‘buddies’ ….

Permanent Record by Snowden

 UPDATE: Sept 17,2019  Edward Snowden’s new book ‘Permanent Record’ is a must read … they’re keeping permanent records on humans …. it’s $16 cdn bucks at amazon/kindle (it’s actually a good read…)

i’m having Alexa read it to me…. after it finishes reading ‘MEG’

how to save us commoners from extermination

$ AMOUNT ‘A’ $ –  digital allotments – perpetual ‘top up’ if you dip into A there is an AUTOMATIC TOP UP – each individual always has amount ‘A’ at all times.

Since it’s digital, there is no need to keep the Amount ‘A’ low. Why not bring in more of a happy Earth Ling concept of sufficiency. (the Rich 1% taking it all, the we took all the  money people, don’t think like that. if they’re in the way, cut them and their money loose. See Ya and Have a Nice Day!)

– do regular money on top of the topped-up-amount A; start A with Adult Age; regular money before A starts, and as additional after A starts.

***update – we now have a spiffy wee ditty ‘top down, top up! top up!’ with music!




NDP & LIBERALS block Solar! nasty huh

rat - fx  So … what’s up? I have tons of solar it lasts good I have small nomad 7 and 10 and the bigger panels and 4 sets of the big holders. I used it for years there under obama/Harper. Notley took over and her and Trudeau went public with they had a meeting and discussed solar and they shut down all of it. It’s all blocked. All of it. Even the small one I used for my cell phone. Every year they let me pull out the big ones show me they can fill them up, then drain them in front of me. And block it again. The first time they drained it in front of me, it has a meter thingy you can see how full it is, they said notley when they did it. Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley NDP New Democrat Party whose boss is Jagmeet Singh the NDP Sikh Muslim Ottawa, Ontario and Prime Minister Trudeau Liberal were the ones who did it. I have a cool slight unit that Justin Bieber and the Military arranged for me to get sent up with a bunch of different pc ends so you can use laptops. It’s in a lead box, but I haven’t looked to see if there is anything in it still. Hong kong used to use it for their marker, they would have me get it out turn it on then turn on all the flashing lights on it different colors for a light show looks like hong kong … then they would have me refill it no problem. I haven’t had it out of the lead box since the NDP LIBERAL hit on my Solar. I miss it they were good for topping up things without draining electricity and cranking up the landlords bill. They are the leaders the future do not need. LIBERAL AND NDP BLOCK SOLAR. That’s a fact.