how to save us commoners from extermination

$ AMOUNT ‘A’ $ –  digital allotments – perpetual ‘top up’ if you dip into A there is an AUTOMATIC TOP UP – each individual always has amount ‘A’ at all times.

Since it’s digital, there is no need to keep the Amount ‘A’ low. Why not bring in more of a happy Earth Ling concept of sufficiency. (the Rich 1% taking it all, the we took all the  money people, don’t think like that. if they’re in the way, cut them and their money loose. See Ya and Have a Nice Day!)

– do regular money on top of the topped-up-amount A; start A with Adult Age; regular money before A starts, and as additional after A starts.

***update – we now have a spiffy wee ditty ‘top down, top up! top up!’ with music!




Stargate & Oracle – 1st 5th

*Wikipedia ‘Stargate’ addition was taken down after Snowden ratted them for Prism. sometimes you can ‘know too much’….oh, and the site http://www.nuts4mars is down now we just run and are known as Remote Intel (Black Ops); single and ‘silent talk’ aka mental telepathy, connected and accessed.


One currently functioning Oracle is the Open Stargate/Q5 Leap Oracle psychic 1st 5th, trained by the Military. Providing glimpses both forwards and backwards, using a Space light/Time light leap based on quantum 5th D principles. Cutting edge modern Oracle within Phantom Ops; developed from the former Remote Viewing

WIKI STARGATE 1st 5th 2010

1st 5th – Current functioning Psychic Remote Viewer 1st 5th trained by Military; owns and operates, Open Stargate/Q5 Leap/Phantom Ops; RNM remote neural monitoring, Pentagon Silent Talk; accessed by Military, Canadian, US, UK and coalition. Counterterrorism since Feb 2006. Trained by Military for two years using continuous psi pixel computer release; numerous accomplishments using developed advanced Quantum 5th D Leap. URL-  (old site not in service)

*do note we used psi for a bit but switched later and currently to ESP way more cool.