planet of humans from apes & animals

The way I see it, so far, is the overseas early people screwed mainly their own kind, all around them, their familiars, but the ones who wandered farther, started to screw other types of animals. The goods are that dna had humans as over 98 and it might be over 99 % same as bonobos ape. Not chimp, not monkey, it’s the bonobos ape. But that doesn’t cover the wide range of how humans look. I think that remaining 1% could be some of it anyway, or more, our apes’ ancestors screwing and mixing with other animals! It’s the only thing that explains it with what they do know.

So it’s technically NOT planet of the apes, it’s planet of the sentience and organic growth. I think it needs tweaking. But NOT planet of the apes.

Planet of Humans from Apes and Other Animals.

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how to save us commoners from extermination

$ AMOUNT ‘A’ $ –  digital allotments – perpetual ‘top up’ if you dip into A there is an AUTOMATIC TOP UP – each individual always has amount ‘A’ at all times.

Since it’s digital, there is no need to keep the Amount ‘A’ low. Why not bring in more of a happy Earth Ling concept of sufficiency. (the Rich 1% taking it all, the we took all the  money people, don’t think like that. if they’re in the way, cut them and their money loose. See Ya and Have a Nice Day!)

– do regular money on top of the topped-up-amount A; start A with Adult Age; regular money before A starts, and as additional after A starts.

***update – we now have a spiffy wee ditty ‘top down, top up! top up!’ with music!




Stargate & Oracle – 1st 5th

*Wikipedia ‘Stargate’ addition was taken down after Snowden ratted them for Prism. sometimes you can ‘know too much’….oh, and the site http://www.nuts4mars is down now we just run and are known as Remote Intel (Black Ops); single and ‘silent talk’ aka mental telepathy, connected and accessed.


One currently functioning Oracle is the Open Stargate/Q5 Leap Oracle psychic 1st 5th, trained by the Military. Providing glimpses both forwards and backwards, using a Space light/Time light leap based on quantum 5th D principles. Cutting edge modern Oracle within Phantom Ops; developed from the former Remote Viewing

WIKI STARGATE 1st 5th 2010

1st 5th – Current functioning Psychic Remote Viewer 1st 5th trained by Military; owns and operates, Open Stargate/Q5 Leap/Phantom Ops; RNM remote neural monitoring, Pentagon Silent Talk; accessed by Military, Canadian, US, UK and coalition. Counterterrorism since Feb 2006. Trained by Military for two years using continuous psi pixel computer release; numerous accomplishments using developed advanced Quantum 5th D Leap. URL-  (old site not in service)

*do note we used psi for a bit but switched later and currently to ESP way more cool.