/top up formula +

Get X, spend Y, Goes back up to X. then add ‘additionals’ amounts for X+x, spend Y, Goes back up to X+x.

That’s it. Done. Oh they did think in forming it a limit on how low and how high. Just to keep it ‘normalized’.

+x keeps the richest at their peak and never lower; and keeps incentives up for doing/reward system as per ‘normalized’. sure it removes the fear of failure and the whip of tyranny. For example they would still work for gain (as +x), buy lottery tickets, bet on games, find buried treasures, invent winners, etc. all as additionals. Their ‘bit coin’ would be fine as an additional it was already an exchange form. It’s coinage and used as such. Anyone’s just goofy whimsy is not.

Stereographic 2d-3d visuals re: Quantum Leap

Stereographics let you focus and see 3d imagery rise up from 2d patterning. There are books online you can get by the Japanese who originally developed it. They are the series Magic Eye, you can find them for sale online. Amazon has them.

I have scoliosis (a spinal symmetry issue) and can use both sides of my brain, here is a snippet from an article on it:

Here is an excerpt, (also about using both sides of the brain), from the front of the book on Stereographics, called ‘Magic Eye Gallery 88 images’.

TOP UP (digital basic income allotment) update Aug 2020

bend or break, so the newest update on the Top Up formula (get amount X spend amount Y it goes back up to amount X), with anyone opting into it, basic income and what you make added on, so that what you have never goes down it can only go up; include the rich let them have the same option for security, what they have and what they add on, never goes down. Permanent TOP UP formula. the people are happy and spending, taxes are paid, streets are paved it’s the Pursuit of Happiness they always dreamed of!

Digital deposit: X spend Y returns to X

SAVING EARTH LINGS MONEY FORMULA… digital deposits of X spend Y goes back up to X (we call it the automatic top up); you can do up Digital Allotment Centers, use a system just like a bank direct deposit & withdrawal card, for withdrawals to make purchases etc

Keep it optional, they can opt in or out anytime. Even without the top up, a digital Basic Income for the people seems pretty much necessary. I imagine they’ll do it eventually. they had sheet music people and others tossing digital income around, you’ll run into it online.

how to save us commoners from extermination

$ AMOUNT ‘A’ $ –  digital allotments – perpetual ‘top up’ if you dip into A there is an AUTOMATIC TOP UP – each individual always has amount ‘A’ at all times.

Since it’s digital, there is no need to keep the Amount ‘A’ low. Why not bring in more of a happy Earth Ling concept of sufficiency. (the Rich 1% taking it all, the we took all the  money people, don’t think like that. if they’re in the way, cut them and their money loose. See Ya and Have a Nice Day!)

– do regular money on top of the topped-up-amount A; start A with Adult Age; regular money before A starts, and as additional after A starts.

***update – we now have a spiffy wee ditty ‘top down, top up! top up!’ with music!




Stargate & Oracle – 1st 5th

*Wikipedia ‘Stargate’ addition was taken down after Snowden ratted them for Prism. sometimes you can ‘know too much’….oh, and the site http://www.nuts4mars is down now we just run https://www.Starzops1.com and are known as Remote Intel (Black Ops); single and ‘silent talk’ aka mental telepathy, connected and accessed.


One currently functioning Oracle is the Open Stargate/Q5 Leap Oracle psychic 1st 5th, trained by the Military. Providing glimpses both forwards and backwards, using a Space light/Time light leap based on quantum 5th D principles. Cutting edge modern Oracle within Phantom Ops; developed from the former Remote Viewing

WIKI STARGATE 1st 5th 2010

1st 5th – Current functioning Psychic Remote Viewer 1st 5th trained by Military; owns and operates, Open Stargate/Q5 Leap/Phantom Ops; RNM remote neural monitoring, Pentagon Silent Talk; accessed by Military, Canadian, US, UK and coalition. Counterterrorism since Feb 2006. Trained by Military for two years using continuous psi pixel computer release; numerous accomplishments using developed advanced Quantum 5th D Leap. URL- http://www.nuts4mars.com/  (old site not in service)

*do note we used psi for a bit but switched later and currently to ESP way more cool.